Mattias Jacobsson, guitar

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Avie introduces the brilliant young guitarist Mattias Jacobsson who on his debut album invokes a guitar tradition originating with the influential Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega. The repertoire explores Tárrega’s influences and legacy, from the inspiration that Chopin had on his musical output through to his students Miguel Llobet and Emilio Pujol. Tárrega often turned to Chopin’s favored forms – Preludes, Mazurkas and Nocturnes – and also transcribed works in those forms by Chopin. Mattias has created a unique concept in the guitar discography by juxtaposing Chopin transcriptions with Tárrega’s most Chopinesque works. The “invocación” continues through works of two of Tárrega’s most prominent pupils in Barcelona and even extends to Mattias himself, whose first teacher Erik Möllerström studied in Barcelona and secured an instrument from the great guitar maker Ignacio Fleta e hijos, that now has been passed on to Mattias and is played on this recording.

Juilliard-trained Mattias Jacobsson was born in Stockholm and has studied with Göran Söllscher and Sharon Isbin, among others. He has performed throughout Europe and the United States, and has appeared on Spanish television, New York’s WQXR and National Public Radio’s Performance Today. He has further extended his reach with several features in Classical Guitar Magazine and hundreds of thousands of views on his YouTube channel


Catalan Trad. arr. Miguel LLOBET y Soles (1878 – 1938)
1. El Testament d Amelia (2:14)

Francisco de Asis TÁRREGA y Eixea (1852 – 1909)
2. Capricho Árabe (5:47)
3. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (4:56)

Frédéric CHOPIN (1810-49) arr. Tárrega
4. Nocturne in E, Op. 9, No. 2 (4:12)

Emilio PUJOL Vilarrubí (1886 – 1980)
Trois Morceaux Espagnols
5. Tonadilla (2:36)
6. Tango (3:23)
7. Guajira (4:47)

8. Prelude Endecha (1:21)

Chopin, trans. Tárrega
9. Prelude No. 15 Raindrop (5:23)

10. Prelude No. 20 Lagrima (2:02)

Chopin, trans. Tárrega
11. Prelude No. 20 in C# minor (1:33)

Chopin, trans. Tárrega
12. Prelude No. 6 in G# minor (1:54)
13. Prelude No. 7 in D (0:48)

14. Prelude No. 18 in D (1:18)
15. Prelude No. 2 in A minor (2:01)

Catalan Trad. arr. Llobet
16. Cançó del Lladre (2:11)

Chopin, trans. Tárrega
17. Mazurka No. 22 in F# minor (1:38)

18. Mazurka, Adelita (1:34)
19. Mazurka in G (2:38)
20. Mazurka, Sueño (1:22)

Chopin, trans. Tárrega
21. Mazurka No. 25 in D minor (5:59)

Catalan Trad. arr. Llobet
22. El Noi de la Mare (2:34)
Total Time: 62:19

Recorded 2 and 4 June 2010; 3 February 2012, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, New York
Produced by David Frost
Recording engineer: Silas Brown
Editing: David Frost, Charlie Post, Silas Brown
Mixing and mastering: Silas Brown
Assistant engineers: Andy Ryder, Doron Schachter