Inbal Segev: 20 for 2020 Volume IV – EP

Inbal Segev: 20 for 2020 Volume IV – EP


Inbal Segev, cello
Camille El Bacha, Conrad Tao, Stewart Goodyear, piano
Jennifer Frautschi, violin
Oren Fader, electric guitar

Release Date:

7th October 2022

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When cellist Inbal Segev conceived 20 for 2020, her ambitious commissioning project in response to the extraordinary events experienced since the pandemic outbreak and social unrest of 2020, she could not have foreseen the immense range of musical imagination from the 20 composers she asked to write works for her.

The fourth and final digital EP in the series carries the torch of transcendence: electro-acoustic, extended techniques, multiple instruments, overdubbing, and genre-fluidity all work their way into the multi-cultural canon that Inbal has inspired.

Volume IV of 20 for 2020 opens with It has not taken long by Molly Joyce, ‘one of the most versatile, prolific, and intriguing composers working under the vast new-music dome,’ (The Washington Post). Layered cellos and electronics highlight Inbal’s intensely lyrical and melodic playing, and the juxtaposition of new technology with Inbal’s Ruggieri cello built in 1673.

The orient and occident coalesce in Dance Between the Worlds, a piano trio by Arab-Jewish pianist-improvisor and composer Camille El Bacha in which heady rhythms support expressive melody.

Oscar Bettison’s La hija del neón (“The Daughter of Neon”), for cello, piano and electric guitar, is a chamber concerto inspired by ideas of interference and the distorted buzz of old neon signs. Quarter tones, special effects, polyrhythms, and non-traditional effects all integrate seamlessly.

Ground-breaking saxophonist, composer, educator, and bandleader Immanuel Wilkins composed Exhale for solo cello during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Technically challenging, the work nevertheless feels improvisatory and flows beautifully.

Pianist-composer Stewart Goodyear turned to Trinidadian folklore for The Kapok, inspired by a tree referred to as “The Castle of the Devil”. His collaboration with Inbal channels into a work that is devilish and defiant, yet ultimately hopeful and optimistic.


MOLLY JOYCE (b.1992)
1. It has not taken long 6.09
for cello & electronics

2. Dance Between The Worlds 7.21
for piano trio

3. La Hija Del Neón 5.53
for cello, piano & electric guitar

4. Exhale 5.58
for solo cello

5. The Kapok 5.36
for cello & piano

Inbal Segev, cello
Camille El Bacha (2) Conrad Tao (3) Stewart Goodyear (5), piano
Jennifer Frautschi, violin (2)
Oren Fader, electric guitar (3)

Recorded: 20 September 2021 (1) & January 25 (2),April 12 (5), June 7 (3) & July 2 (4) 2022,
Oktaven Audio, Mount Vernon, New York
Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing and Mastering: Ryan Streber
Assistant Engineers: Charles Mueller and Edwin Huet
Editing: Ryan Streber and Charles Mueller

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