Nickel: Sonatas & Chamber Music For Oboe

Nickel: Sonatas & Chamber Music For Oboe


Mary Lynch VanderKolk, oboe & oboe d’amore
Paige Roberts Molloy, piano
Eduardo Rios, Andy Liang, violins
Olivia Chew, viola
Efe Baltacigil, cello

Release Date:

21st October 2022

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“Nickel’s own familiarity with the oboe is clearly demonstrated as he insightfully captures the strengths of the player – creating beautifully sweeping lines that showcase VanderKolk’s colourful and lyrical capabilities as she artfully navigates the dynamic and rhythmic passages in a way that only the most consummate performer could.” – The Whole Note


The soulful sounds of the oboe and oboe d’amore infuse the expressive, lyrical new album of solo and chamber works by award-winning Canadian composer Christopher Tyler Nickel. The star of the show is Seattle Symphony principal Mary Lynch VanderKolk, whose artistry plays a vital role in Chris’ compositional process. He explains, “I find ways to incorporate her strengths and personality into expressing the music’s emotions.” The Oboe Sonata, dedicated to Mary, is by turns haunting and pastoral, navigating the full three-octave range of the instrument. The Sonata for Oboe d’amore demonstrates the large timbral and emotional range of the oboe’s lower-pitched cousin, from darkness to light. Undaunted by the historic canon of iconic solo instrumental works already in existence, Chris – an oboist himself – created a tour de force with his Suite for Unaccompanied Oboe, a work Mary describes as “more cinematic” than his other concert works, not surprising perhaps given his countless award-winning TV, film, and theatrical scores. The album concludes with what is surely the only Oboe d’amore Quintet ever composed. The instrument’s plaintive tone takes centre stage against the backdrop of string quartet, as the work moves from serenity, melancholy, and nostalgia, before ending with an invigorating finale that brings the inspiring album to a close.



Sonata for Oboe (2019)
I. Andante cantabile 5:08
2. II. Andante Lacrimoso 6:45
3. III. Allegro agitato 3:31

Sonata for Oboe d’amore (2018)
I. Andante 4:35
5. II. Andante cantabile 5:06
6. III. Allegro con fuoco 5:47

Suite for Unaccompanied Oboe (2020)
I. Giocoso 1:49
8. II. Largo con dolore 2:47
9. III. Con fuoco 1:22
10. IV. Cantabile con rubato 3:04

Oboe d’amore Quintet (2020)
I. Moderato 4:47
12. II. Reflectively 4:40
13. III. Andante 5:50
14. IV. Con fuoco 4:43

Mary Lynch VanderKolk, oboe & oboe d’amore
Paige Roberts Molloy, piano
Eduardo Rios, Andy Liang, violins
Olivia Chew, viola
Efe Baltacigil, cello

Recorded: 5 June 2021(1–6),14 March 2022 (7–14), Bastyr University Chapel, Kenmore, Washington, USA
Producer: David Sabee ∙ Executive Producer: Christopher Tyler Nickel
Publisher: Christopher Tyler Nickel Inc. (SOCAN)
Print music is available from the Canadian Music Centre
Recording & Mastering Engineers: Dmitriy Lipay & Alexander Lipay ∙ Assistant Engineer: Dave West

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