Strauss: Symphonia Domestica • Eine Alpensinfonie • Oboe Concerto • Duett-Concertino **

Strauss: Symphonia Domestica • Eine Alpensinfonie • Oboe Concerto • Duett-Concertino **


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Gerard Schwarz, conductor

Jonathan Small, oboe
Nicholas Cox, clarinet | Alan Pendlebury, bassoon

Release Date:

27th June 2005

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£11.25 (2CD brilliant box | 32-page booklet) | 40% discount (usual price £18.75)


The re-launch of the RLPO label in conjunction with Avie Records included this two-CD set of works by the titan of late Romanticism, Richard Strauss. Music Director Gerard Schwarz excels in this repertoire, conducting two personal, programmatic tone poems – An Alpine Symphony exploring the composer’s mountainous adventures, and the Sinfonia Domestica which evokes his family life. By contrast, two late works for winds feature RLPO principals Jonathan Small in Strauss’ late Oboe Concerto, and clarinettist Nicholas Cox and bassoonist Alan Pendlebury in the Duet Concertino. While An Alpine Symphony was previous available, the other three works are new to the RLPO discography.



CD 1

Symphonia Domestica, Op. 53
1. I. Bewegt – Thema I – Thema II – Thema III
2. II. Scherzo – Munter
3. III. Wiegenlied – Mäßig Langsam
4. IV. Adagio – Langsam
5. V. Finale – Sehr Lebhaft

Oboe Concerto in D Major
6. I. Allegro Moderato
7. II. Andante
8. III. Vivace


Eine Alpensinfonie, Op. 64
1. I. Night
2. II. Sunrise
3. III. The Ascent
4. IV. Entering The Forest
5. V. Wandering By The Brook
6. VI. By The Waterfall
7. VII. Apparition
8. VIII. On Flowery Meadows
9. IX. On The High Pastures
10. X. Through Thicket and Briar On The Wrong Path
11. XI. On The Glacier
12. XII. Dangerous Moments
13. XIII. On The Summit
14. XIV. Vision
15. XV. Mists Arise
16. XVI. The Sun Is Gradually Obscured
17. XVII. Elegy
18. XVIII. Calm Before The Storm
19. XIX. Thunderstorm, Descent
20. XX. Sunset
21. XXI. Warning Tones
22. XXII. Night

Duett-Concertino for Clarinet, Bassoon and Strings, TrV 293
23. I. Allegro Moderato
24. II. Andante
25. III. Rondo – Allegro Ma Non Troppo

Total duration: 2:11:25

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Gerard Schwarzconductor

Jonathan Small, oboe
Nicholas Cox, clarinet | Alan Pendleburybassoon

Recorded 3 – 6 June 2003 (Symphonia Domestica), 12 – 14 March 2001 (An Alpine Symphony), 12 – 14 November 2002 (Duett-Concertino), live at Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool; 24 January 2004, studio recording at Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

Recording producers: Michael Ogonovsky and David A. Pigott
Sound engineer: David A. Pigott

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