When Laura Smiles • Lute solos and songs from Elizabethan England **

When Laura Smiles • Lute solos and songs from Elizabethan England **


Matthew Wadsworth, lute
James Gilchrist, tenor

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Gramophone Editor’s Choice artist Matthew Wadsworth presents the first ever recording devoted entirely to Philip Rosseter’s music. A timely tribute to one of the great masters of the lute and English song, When Laura Smiles features twelve of Rosseter’s most beguiling songs, including What then is love but mourning, If she forsake me, Sweet come again as well as the title track. It also includes all of Rosseter’s surviving lute solos, including an epic chromatic fantasy, two weighty pavans and several charming dances. When Laura Smiles continues Matthew’s exploration of music by John Dowland’s contemporaries, following the critically acclaimed Away Delights with soprano Carolyn Sampson (AV 2053) featuring the music of Robert Johnson.


Philip ROSSETER (1567 – 1623)
1. Sweet come again (03:41)
2. And would you see (02:38)
3. A fantasie (06:08)
4. No grave for woe (03:16)
5. Reprove not love (02:56)
6. What then is love (02:14)
7. Pavan in F minor (06:48)
8. Galliard in F minor (01:44)
9. Galliard in F major (02:08)
10. Though far from joy (02:21)
11. When Laura smiles (03:01)
12. Kind in unkindness (04:27)
13. Prelude (01:27)
14. Pavan in G minor (06:47)
15. Galliard in g minor (02:38)
16. Almayne (02:00)
17. If she forsake me (01:59)
18. Shall I come if I swim (02:13)
19. Whether men do laugh (01:44)
20. What heart’s content (02:24)
Total time: 62:45

Recorded May-June 2005, St. Martin’s Church, East Woodhay, Newbury, UK
Producer: Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
Engineer: Patrick Naylor

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