Boccherini: Chamber Works for Flute

Boccherini: Chamber Works for Flute


Sally Walker, flute

Elizabeth Layton, violin | Alison Rayner, violin
Stephen Kingviola | Thomas Marlin, cello

Celia Craig, oboe | Mark Gaydon, bassoon
Sarah Barrett, horn | Robert Nairndouble-bass

Release Date:

16th August 2024

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£12.99 (2CD Slimline Case)


Late 18th century Italian composer Luigi Boccherini produced a vast catalogue of compositions, several of which were chamber works featuring the flute. Australian flautist Sally Walker, whose first appearance on AVIE was in collaboration with harpist Emily Granger on the album Something Like This, has taken a deep dive into the provenance of Boccherini’s works for her instrument to produce a 90-minute, 2-for-the-price-of-one volume of music that is infinitely elegant, virtuosic and beautifully refined. The relatively rare yet imaginative Six Quintets, Op. 19, for two violins, flute, viola and cello vary in their configuration, some intimate, others on a grander scale reminiscent of the composer’s orchestral music. Also included are the first “Divertimento Notturno” from the Sextet, Op. 38 for violin, viola, bassoon, flute, horn and double bass; and, as a “bonus” the Quintet G.443 for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello, a work attributed to Boccherini. Although its authorship is contested, as Sally says, “it is such a beautiful work that we wanted to include it anyway.”



Disc 1

Flute Quintet Op. 19, No. 1 in E Flat Major, G.425
1. I. Allegro con moto
2. II. Minuetto (Con moto) – Trio

Flute Quintet Op. 19, No. 2 in G Minor, G.426
3. I. Allegro con un poco di moto
4. II. Minuetto (Con moto) – Trio

Flute Quintet Op. 19, No. 3 in C Major, G.427
5. I. Andante non troppo
6. II. Rondeau (Grazioso)

Flute Quintet Op. 19, No. 4 in D Major, G.428
7. I. Adagio assai
8. II. Minuetto (Con moto) – Trio

Flute Quintet Op. 19, No. 5 in B Flat Major, G.429
9. I. Allegro moderato
10. II. Allegro presto assai

Flute Quintet Op. 19, No. 6 in D Major, G.430 ‘Las Parejas’
11. I. Entrada: Andante – Marcha
12. II. Galope –
13. II. – Como la Entrada (Andante) – Marcha

Disc 2

Sextet in E Flat Major, Op. 38, No. 1, G.467
1. I. Andante lento
2. II. Allegro ma non presto
3. III. Tempo di Minuetto – Trio

Flute Quintet in C Major, G.443
4. I. Allegro non troppo
5. II. Allegretto
6. III. Tempo di Minuetto (Vars. I–XII)

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