Magdalena: Medieval songs for Mary Magdalena

Magdalena: Medieval songs for Mary Magdalena


Belinda Sykes, voice and direction; Jenny Cassidy, Caitríona O’Leary, Dessislava Stefanova, voice; Ben Davis, medieval fidel; Riccardo Delfino, voice, medieval harps, hurdy-gurdy

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Britain’s top multicultural medieval band, Joglaresa, whose explorations of medieval and renaissance repertoire from western European, Arabic and Sephardic traditions have won them widespread critical acclaim, present a portrait in song of Mary Magdalen. Director Belinda Sykes’ ensemble of English, Irish and Bulgarian singers, and band of fiddle, harp and hurdy gurdy, perform 14th century Italian lauda, Latin hymns and chants extending as far back as 9th century Byzantium, including numerous modern premiere performances.

Joglaresa, whose name derives from wandering minstrels from the South of France, is unique in performing medieval music with prestigious artists drawn from the improvisational spheres of jazz and world music in addition to those of classical music. Their infectious enthusiasm, combined with peerless skill and musicianship, produces programmes that are lively, expressive, full of Mediterranean passion and colour, poignant, spontaneous and highly improvisational.


1. ANONYMOUS Magdalena degna da laudare (lauda) (3:50)
2. St Lorenzo GIUSTINIANI (1381 – 1456) O Magdalena che portasti (4:27)
3. Christian of LILIENFELD (14th c) Ave, clari generis dulcis Magdalena (05:02)
4. ANON Chanter voel par grant amour (4:03)
5. WIPO of Burgundy (11th c) Victime paschali laude (1:48)
6. ANON Ortorum virentium/Virga Yesse/Victime paschali laudes (1:07)
7. ANON Benedicamus Domino/Victime paschali laudes (2:17)
8. ANON Novum festum celebremus (2:32)
9. ANON Parlamento (istampita) (3:06)
10. ANON Co la madre del beato (4:02)
11. ANON Hodie mater gaudeat ecclesia (2:36)
12. ANON Salve, pia Magdalena (1:15)
13. ANON O Maria Magdalena (1:15)
14. ANON Benedicamus Domino Magdalena (0:58)
15. ANON Magdalenam laude plenam (0:50)
16. ANON Ave, beata femina (1:43)
17. ANON Psallat immensas chorus (3:07)
18. ANON Ave, plena Magdalena (3:39)
19. ANON O Maria, prius via (3:46)
20. ANON Peccatrice nominata (instr) (3:05)
21. Conon de BETHUNE (d 1219) Chançon legiere (estampie) (2:16)
22. ANON Peccatrice nominata (lauda) (3:04)
23. ANON O Madalena ch’andasti al sepolcro (lauda) (5:40)
24. Philippe de GREVE (13th c) O Maria, noli flere (3:28)
Total time: 69:02

Recorded 14 – 16 April 2003, at St. Andrew’s Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire
Produced and Engineered by John Hadden


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