Paganini 24 Capricci

Paganini 24 Capricci


Marina Piccinini

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11th March 2014

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£18.75 (2 CDs)


Flautist Marina Piccinini relishes tradition with a twist. Having recorded J. S. Bach’s Flute Sonatas with the Brasil Guitar Duo – the first ever recording using this combination of instruments (AV 2196) – she astounds again with astonishing virtuosity in her own arrangements of Paganini’s devilishly difficult 24 Capricci. Piccinini matches Paganini’s vision and independence of spirit, explaining, “I was drawn to transcribe and record all the Caprices as a challenge and stimulus for my own development, a path towards pushing the envelope outside my personal comfort zone. What I discovered and fell in love with was a musical voice that demanded a far greater emotional expression through technical perfection of phrasing, flexibility of embouchure, depth of sound, breath control, digital dexterity and precise articulation.”


Niccolò Paganini (1782–1840)
24 Caprices Op.1 (arranged by Marina Piccinini for solo flute)
CD 1
1.  No.1 in E: Andante (3:00)
2.  No.2 in B minor: Moderato (5:02)
3.  No.3 in E minor: Sostenuto  (3:44)
4.  No.4 in C minor: Maestoso (9:22)
5,  No.5 in A minor: Agitato (3:08)
6.  No.6 in G minor: Lento (7:34)
7.  No.7 in A minor: Moderato assai (Posato) (5:09)
8.  No.8 in E flat: Maestoso (4:09)
9.  No.9 in E: Allegretto (3:10)
10.  No.10 in G minor: Vivace (3:31)
11.  No.11 in C: Andante (5:15)
12.  No.12 in A flat: Allegro (5:27)
Total time CD 1 58:34

CD 2
1. No.13 in B flat: Allegro (3:15)
2. No.14 in E flat: Moderato (Marcia) (1:32)
3. No.15 in E minor: Posato (3:30
4. No.16 in G minor: Presto (1:55)
5. No.17 in E flat: Sostenuto (5:08
6. No.18 in C: Corrente (2:51)
7. No.19 in E flat: Lento 3:18)
8. No.20 in D: Allegretto (3:49)
9. No.21 in A: Amoroso (3:40)
10. No.22 in F: Marcato (3:34)
11. No.23 in E flat: Posato (3:09)
12. No.24 in A minor: Quasi presto (5:36)
Total time CD 2: 41.21

Recorded 10-12 October 2012, Reitstadel, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany
Producer, balance engineer and editing: Markus Heiland

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