The Topping Tooters of the Town: Music of the London Waits 1580–1650

The Topping Tooters of the Town: Music of the London Waits 1580–1650


The City Musick
William Lyons, director

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6th October 2017

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“Why these are the city waits, who play every winter’s night through the streets to rouse each lazy drone to family duty. These are the topping tooters of the town, and have gowns, silver chains, and salaries, for playing “Lilliburlero” to my Lord Mayor’s horse through the city.” This 1709 reference to a professional band of musicians conjures the thriving city of London in the 16th and 17th centuries. The band’s sound is replicated on this release by the modern-day namesake The City Musick directed by foremost expert in the field William Lyons (who is also director of the Grammy-nominated Dufay Collective). The drones of dulcians and cornetts, sackbuts and shawms, evoke the era’s civic events, theatrical productions and liturgal service, paying homage to the unsung talents of the Waits from the period when their reputation was at its zenith.

The City Musick was formed to explore the diverse repertoire of civic and court wind players in 16th and 17th century Europe and is now firmly established as the premier renaissance wind band in the UK. After its debut USA tour in 2009, including a performance at the reconstructed Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, Virginia, the ensemble has performed for traditional feasts and ceremonies in the City of London, at the York Early Music Festival, and in Florence and Antwerp. The City Musick made their BBC Proms debut in 2012 with a performance of Venetian music in collaboration with I Fagiolini. The resulting Decca recording and that of the Striggio Mass, also involving the ensemble, have both met with great critical acclaim.


Anthony Holborne (c.1545 – 1602)
1. The Night Watch (1.19)

John Adson
(c.1585 – 1640)
2. The Bull Maske (Courtly Masquing Ayre 18) (1.23)
3. Courtly Masquing Ayre 20 (1.27)
4. Courtly Masquing Ayre 21 (1.04)

Peter Philips (c.1560 – 1628)
5. Pavane Dolorosa (3.37)
6. Galliard Dolorosa (1.42)

Anon. arr. William Lyons
7. The Quadran Pavan (1.16)
8. Turkeyloney (1.28)
9. The Earl of Essex Measures (1.25)
10. Tinternell (1.17)
11. The Old Almain (1.36)
12. The Queen’s Alman (1.08)

Anthony Holborne
13. The Cecilia Almain (1.33)

Anon. arr. Lyons
14. The Black Almain (1.47)

Thomas Morley
(c.1557 – 1602)
15. See, see, myne owne sweet jewell (1.35)
16. Hould out my hart (1.44)
17. Crewell you pull away too soone (1.43)

John Dowland
(1563 – 1626)
18. Psalm 100: All people that on earth do dwell (2.28)

Richard Allison
(c.1560 – c.1610)
Psalm 68: Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered (2.51)

Simon Stubbs
(fl.1616 – 21)
Psalm 149: Sing ye unto the Lord our God (1.53)

Thomas Ravenscroft
(1590 – 1633)
21. Psalm 117: O praise the Lord, all ye nations (1.22)

Anthony Holborne

22. Paradizo (2.19)
23. The Lullabie (2.29)
24. The Cradle (1.14)

John Playford
(1623 – 1686/7)
Pauls Wharf (1.39)

Valentin Haussmann
(c.1560 – c.1614)
26. All ye who love (1.53)

John Playford arr. Lyons

27. Lilliburlero (0.59)
28. Maiden Lane (1.03)
29. Halfe Hannikin (0.55)
30. Sellengers Rownde (1.23)

Recorded 2–5 September 2015, St Georges Church, Chesterton, Cambridge, UK Producer & Recording engineer: Adrian Hunter

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