Bach: Trio Sonatas Nos. 1–6, BWV 525–530

Bach: Trio Sonatas Nos. 1–6, BWV 525–530


The Brook Street Band

Rachel Harris, violin • Farran Scott, violin
Tatty Theo, cello • Carolyn Gibley, harpsichord

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12th October 2010

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“The Brook Street Band plays stylishly, with well-nigh impeccable intonation and tremendous verve…the vitality is riveting and the counterpoint enthralling. Delightful” ★★★★ – BBC Music Magazine

“The Brook Street Band has a trademark playing style that’s communicative,energetic, and very, very zingy in every department…the playing has such deftness and verve that time flies by…In chamber music from this period, you won’t find more winning and winsome playing”★★★★ – Classic FM Magazine

“unaffected performances of remarkable freshness and vitality…The variety of string articulation together with Gibley’s discrete harmonisations further serve both to enliven and to elucidate Bach’s musical arguments. Superb” – Gramophone Editor’s Choice


The Brook Street Band burst on to the scene in 2003 with their Avie debut, the world-premiere recording of Handel’s ‘Oxford’ Water Music, a genuine chamber arrangement of the composer’s ever-popular suite which earned the period-instrument ensemble an Editor’s Choice from Gramophone. Since then the all-girl group, named for the London street where Handel lived and composed for most of his working life in England, has released three further Handel surveys which prove their own adept skills at arranging. They now apply the age-old practice to their first recording of the music of J S Bach, adapting his Organ Sonatas to their own instrumentation of two violins, harpsichord and cello. The result is yet another unique approach from the Brook Street Band, whose sheer pleasure in sharing this wonderful music shines though in their radiant renditions.



Trio Sonatas BWV 525–530
Transcribed from the Organ Sonatas by Carolyn Gibley

Trio Sonata in E flat major, BWV 525 (12:12)
1. [Allegro] (2:30)
2. Adagio (6:07)
3. Allegro 3:35)

Trio Sonata in c minor, BWV 526 (9:27)
4. Vivace (3:10)
5. Largo (2:41)
6. Allegro (3:36)

Trio Sonata in d minor, BWV 527 (12:25)
7. Andante (3:48)
8. Adagio e dolce (4:54)
9. Vivace (3:43)

Trio Sonata in e minor, BWV 528 (9:28)
10. Adagio – Vivace (2:20)
11. Andante (4:35)
12. Un poc’ allegro (2:33)

Trio Sonata in C major, BWV 529 (12:33)
13. Allegro (4:19)
14. Largo (4:54)
15. Allegro (3:20)

Trio Sonata in G major, BWV 530 (12:43)
16. Vivace (3:28)
17. Lente (5:58)
18. Allegro (3:17)

Total Durati0n: 68:56

The Brook Street Band
Rachel Harris, violin • Farran Scott, violin
Tatty Theo, cello • Carolyn Gibley, harpsichord

Recorded at Raveningham Church, Norfolk, 22-25 March 2010
Produced, engineered and edited by Simon Fox-Gál

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