Courts of Heaven

Courts of Heaven


The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

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22nd September 2014

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This collection of music from the Eton Choirbook, the vast collection of English sacred music from the early Renaissance, is the third in an acclaimed series by Stephen Darlington and The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford which has proved a thrilling encounter with the remarkable world of the liturgy of Eton College Chapel in the late 15th century. This is sumptuous music of huge complexity, ranging from the rich sonority of Wylkynson and Hampton to the contrapuntal intricacy of Fawkyner and Turges. This music was also firmly rooted in the daily devotional life of the College, appreciated by all and not just a worshipping élite. The boys and men of Christ Church Cathedral choir maintain this tradition with a special affinity for this glorious repertoire and deliver performances of unreserved committment.


John Hampton  (1484 – 1521)
1. Salve regina (15:37)
Edmund Turges (1469 – 1508?)
2. Gaude flore virginali (13:43)
John Fawkyner (fl late 15th century)
3. Gaude virgo salutata (18:49)
John Browne (fl c 1480–1505)
4. O mater venerabilis (14:18)
Robert Wylkynson (b c 1475–80, d 1515 or later)
5. Salve regina (13:19)

Recorded 20–22 March 2014, Chapel of Merton College, Oxford
Producer: David Trendell
Balance engineer and editing: Simon Fox-Gál

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