Vivaldi: Music for the Chapel of the Pietà | Vocal Music & Sacred Concerti

Vivaldi: Music for the Chapel of the Pietà | Vocal Music & Sacred Concerti


Mhairi Lawson, soprano

Adrian Chandler, violin/director
La Serenissima

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4th February 2005

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£12.99 (1CD | 36 page booklet)



Baroque violinist extraordinaire Adrian Chandler has produced two of the most popular and enduring CDs in the Avie catalogue: Per Monsieur Pisendel, sonatas by Albinoni, Pisendel and Vivaldi (AV 0018); and Vivaldi in Arcadia, a selection of pastorale concertos and arias (AV 0031). His scholarship and passion for the works of the Red Priest marry with his dazzling virtuosity and evident glee on his third Avie offering, Music for the Chapel of the Pietà. Vivaldi’s infamous output during his time at the girl’s orphanage Ospedale della Pietà was complemented for a time when he served as the Maestro di Coro at the Pietà, producing the enchanting Salve Regina and the rich Laudate Pueri, presented here with the stunning soprano Mhairi Lawson. The instrumental works, which include two novel concerti for violin and organ, were almost certainly written for intervals in the Pietà’s church services.



Concerto for violin, strings & continuo in F Major, RV 292 (9:20)
1. I. Allegro – adagio – allegro – adagio (5:28)
2. II. Allegro (3:51)

Laudate peuri Dominum (Psalm 112) for soprano, strings and continuo RV 600 (23:29)
3. I. Laudate peuri Dominum: Allegro (2:18)
4. II. Sit nomen Domini: Largo (2:53)
5. III. A solis ortu: Allegro (2:02)
6. IV. Excelsus super omnes: Andante – Adagio – Andante (2:57)
7. V. Quis sicut Dominus: Largo (1:50)
8. VI. Suscitans a terra: Presto – Adagio – Andante – Presto – Adagio – Andante (1:42)
9. VII. Ut collocet eum: Allegro (2:06)
10. VIII. Gloria Patri: Largo (3:25)
11. IX. Laudate pueri Dominum … Sicut erat in principio: Allegro (1:56)
12. X. Amen: Allegro (2:15)

Concerto for violin, organ, strings & continuo in F Major, RV 542 (10:11)
13. I. Allegro (4:00)
14. II. Largo (2:29)
15. III. Allegro (3:41)

Concerto fatto per la Solennità della S. Lingua di S. Antonio in Padova, 1712
for violin, strings & continuo in D Major, RV 212 (16:12)
16. I. Allegro (6:26)
17. II. Grave (3:15)
18. III. Allegro (6:29)

Salve Regina (antiphon) for soprano, violin, strings & continuo, RV 617 (8:56)
19. I. Andante (2:52)
20. II. Allegro (1:32)
21. III. Allegro (1:36)
22. IV. Andante (2:55)

Concerto for violin, cello, organ, strings & continuo in C Major, RV 554a (11:45)
23. I. Allegro (4:44)
24. II. Largo (3:11)
25. III. Allegro (3:49)

Total Duration: 79:42

Mhairi Lawsonsoprano
Adrian Chandler, violin/director
La Serenissima

Recorded 22–24 November 2004, Church of St Many the Virgin, Salehurst, East Sussex
Produced and Engineered by Simon Fox-Gal

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