Per Monsieur Pisendel

Per Monsieur Pisendel


La Serenissima:
Adrian Chandler, violin
Gareth Deats, cello
Robert Howarth, harpsichord

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This is the debut recording by the young English violinist Adrian Chandler, whose passion for Vivaldi led to his exploration of several of the Red Priest’s contemporaries, including Albinoni, and the younger, dazzling German violinist and composer Johann Georg Pisendel. Pisendel met Vivaldi and Albinoni in Venice while touring as a member of the Dresden court orchestra. His technical wizardry so impressed the two older masters that they immediately penned some of their most virtuosic violin sonatas for him. Adrian Chandler and his ensemble La Serenissima present two works each by the Venetians, which sit alongside Pisendel’s own for a revelatory feast of Baroque fireworks. Remarkably, the works by Pisendel and Albinoni have not appeared before on CD.


Antonio VIVALDI (1678 – 1741)
Suonata à Solo facto per Monsieur Pisendel Del Vivaldi in c minor, RV 6
1. Preludio: Andante (4:26)
2. Corrente: Allegro (3:39)
3. Grave (3:41)
4. Allemanda: Allegro (2:35)

Tomaso ALBINONI (1671 – 1751)
Sonata a Violino Solo di me Tomaso Albinoni Composta per il Signor Pisendel in Bb, So 32
5. Adaggio (sic) (2:29)
6. Allegro (3:11)
7. Adaggio (sic) (2:23)
8. Allegro (3:10)

Johann Georg PISENDEL (1687 – 1755)
Sonata for violin and continuo in D
9. Allegro – Adagio – Allegro (3:50)
10. Larghetto (3:48)
11. Allegro (4:40)

Sonata for violin and continuo in g minor, So 33
12. Allemanda: Larghetto (2:14)
13. Corrente: Allegro (5:20)
14. Gavotta: (Allegro) (1:52)
15. Sarabanda: (Allegretto) (2:51)

Johann Georg PISENDEL
Sonata for violin and continuo in e minor
16. Largo (5:52)
17. Moderato (3:07)
18. Arioso (1:39)
19. Scherzando (1:02)

Suonata à Solo facto per Monsieur Pisendel Del Vivaldi, in C, RV 2
20. Andante (2:33)
21. Allegro (3:58)
22. Largo (4:26)
23. Allegro (3:13)

Antonio VIVALDI or Johann Georg PISENDEL
24. Saraband for violin and continuo in C (3:02)
Total time: 79:02

Producer: David McGuinness
Recording Engineer: Tony Kime
Recorded 1 – 3 September 2002 at the Church of St Thomas à Becket, Brightling, East Sussex, England,
and 7 November, 2002 at Crichton Parish Church, Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland (Tracks 9 -11)


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