Where Only Stars Can Hear Us: Schubert Songs

Where Only Stars Can Hear Us: Schubert Songs


Karim Sulayman, tenor
Yi-heng Yang, fortepiano

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6th March 2020

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In life and music, Grammy Award-winning tenor Karim Sulayman is a master storyteller. Where Only Stars Can Hear Us is a journey through the songs of Franz Schubert, a composer who was able to capture joy and sorrow in a single moment like no other. Karim’s voyage traverses themes of darkness and yearning, guided throughout by moonbeams and shining stars. His partner is historical keyboardist Yi-heng Yang who plays on a fortepiano built by Joseph Simon in Vienna in 1830, adding an air of authenticity from Schubert’s time.


FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797–1828)

1. Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D360 (3.22)
2. Die Sterne, D939 (2.56 )
3. Die Sternennächte, D670 (3.12)
4. An die Laute, D905 (1.30)
5. Alinde, D904 (4.00)
6. Abends unter der Linde, D235 (2.16)
7. An den Mond, D193 (3.29)
8. Die Forelle, D550 (2.14)
9. Des Fischers Liebesglück, D933 (7.14)
10. Am Meer (Schwanengesang, D957: No.12) (4.12)
11. Abendbilder, D650 (5.01)
12. Nacht und Träume, D827 (3.47)
13. Der Vater mit dem Kind, D906 (4.01)
14. Erlkönig, D328 (4.07)
15. Der Winterabend, D938 (7.18)
16. An den Mond, D259 (3.14)
17. Nachtgesang D119 (3.35)
18. Das Rosenband, D280 (1.40)

Total time: 67.18

Recorded 20–24 May 2019, Dorothy Young Center for the Arts Concert Hall at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey
Producer and editor: Erica Brenner
Recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Daniel Shores
Production assistant: Kate Mangiameli


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