Bach: Concertos for Oboe and Oboe d’amore

Bach: Concertos for Oboe and Oboe d’amore


Gonzalo X. Ruiz
Monica Huggett
Portland Baroque Orchestra

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10th November 2014

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In 2009, period-instrument oboist extraordinaire Gonzalo X. Ruiz joined Monica Huggett and her Ensemble Sonnerie in a recording of Bach’s Orchestral Suites which included a reconstruction of the Second Suite replacing the familiar flute solo with oboe, a premise soundly supported by the musicians’ research. The album went on to top the Billboard Classical Chart and was nominated for a Grammy Award. Gonzalo returns with an equally convincing recording of concertos commonly heard on keyboard, performing his own adaptations for oboe and oboe d’amore. He joins forces once again with Monica, this time with her Portland Baroque Orchestra. Upon hearing the beauty and virtuosity of Gonzalo’s playing it becomes easy to believe that Bach had the sound of the oboe in mind when composing these popular works.


J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750)
Concerto in G minor, BWV 1056R
Reconstruction of BWV 1056, Concerto in F minor for Harpsichord
1. I. Moderato (3:10)
2. II Adagio (2:25)
3. III. Presto (Allegro) (3:13)
Concerto in F major, BWV 1053R
Reconstruction of BWV 1053, Concerto in E major for Harpsichord
4. I. (Allegro) (7:05)
5. II. Siciliano (4:56)
6. III. Allegro (5:46)
Concerto in D minor, BWV 1059R
Reconstruction based on a concerto fragment and Cantatas 35 and 156
7. I. Allegro (5:12)
8. II. Adagio (2:26)
9. III. Presto (3:02)
Concerto in A major for Oboe d’amore, BWV 1055R
10. I. [no tempo indicated] (3:56)
11. II. Larghetto (4:39)
12. III. Allegro ma non tanto (4:08)
Concerto in C minor for Violin and Oboe, BWV 1060R
Reconstruction of BWV 1060, Concerto in C minor for Two Harpsichords
13. I. Allegro (4:30)
14. II. Adagio (4:30)
15. III. Allegro (3:27)
16. Aria, from Cantata 51: Höchster, mache deine Güte (4:56)
Total time: 68:00

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