Christopher Tyler Nickel: GATM – Salvation EP

Christopher Tyler Nickel: GATM – Salvation EP


Catherine Redding, soprano | Fabiana Katz, mezzo-soprano
Carman J. Price, tenor | Steven Bélanger, baritone
Vancouver Contemporary Orchestra
Clyde Mitchell, conductor

Release Date:

13th January 2023

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Salvation is the first of three digital EPs foreshadowing the Easter 2023 release of Canadian composer Christopher Tyler Nickel’s epic, 7-CD oratorio setting of the complete Gospel According to Mark. Individual metric motifs and aural pictures characterise the EP’s five movements, “The Greatest Commandment”, “The Abomination of Desolation”, “The Coming”, “No One Knows the Hour”, and “Jesus Foretells the Betrayal by Judas”.

The Salvation EP, excerpted from the oratorio The Gospel According to Mark, includes a number of movements of what I call ‘instructive’ text. This is clearly heard in the movement ‘The Greatest Commandment’, which paints an aural picture grounded in a repeating figure representing the question being asked, and a chorale-like section which represents the answer to the greatest commandment. ‘The Abomination of Desolation’ is one of the more aggressive movements in the oratorio. Bellicose and highly unstable metrically, this movement is filled with warnings that foretell and warn of future trials and tribulations. In contrast, the contrapuntally flowing ‘The Coming’ takes a very limited amount of text and extends it through the entire movement. Although filled with beautiful linear lines, there is a restlessness provided by the asymmetric metres that these melodies flow across. ‘No One Knows the Hour’ is a very lyrical and serene piece that features tenor Carman Price. Probably one of the most mediative of the oratorio, it provides a crystalline foundation for the text to flow over. ‘Jesus Foretells the Betrayal by Judas’ is a dramatic piece that begins with an allusion to the 7/8 motif heard previously, which soon harmonically gives way to the darkness motif. This movement acts as a bookend to this EP as it prepares the listener for the final section of the oratorio with Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. The listener can hear this as the music becomes increasingly agitated as the revelation of the betrayal nears and becomes more specific.



GATM – Salvation
Excerpts from The Gospel According to Mark, an oratorio

1. I. The Greatest Commandment 4.00
2. II. The Abomination of Desolation 3.05
3. III. The Coming 4.11
4. IV. No One Knows the Hour 4.05
5. V. Jesus Foretells the Betrayal by Judas 2.43

Catherine Redding, soprano (1–3, 5) · Fabiana Katz, mezzo-soprano (1–3, 5)
Carman J. Price, tenor (1–5) · Steven Bélanger, baritone (1–3, 5)
Vancouver Contemporary Orchestra
Clyde Mitchell, conductor

Mixed and mastered by Vince Renaud at VR Sound (
Orchestra Contractor: Hal Beckett (
Edited by Mikhelvin Chuahuico, Christopher Tyler Nickel & Vince Renaud
Produced by Christopher Tyler Nickel (
Print music is available from the Canadian Music Centre
Recorded: June–July 2019, Armoury Studios, Vancouver (
Engineer: Vince Renaud · Score Reader: Bruce Carabine
For Armoury Studios – Assistant Engineer: Spencer Bleasdale · Studio Assistant: Ricardo Germain · Manager: Paul Silveira

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