Christopher Tyler Nickel: GATM – Symphonic Highlights

Christopher Tyler Nickel: GATM – Symphonic Highlights


Vancouver Contemporary Orchestra
Clyde Mitchell, conductor

Release Date:

28th July 2023

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Symphonic Highlights from the Gospel According to Mark is a selection of some of the most poignant moments from the unique seven-hour oratorio by multi-award-winning Canadian composer Christopher Tyler Nickel.

Set without voices, the Symphonic Highlight’s 12 movements preserve the oratorios musical motifs and themes of teaching, healing, miracles, forgiveness, death and resurrection, outlining the story of the Gospel solely through the power of melody and harmony, and the purity of instrumental colour.



Symphonic Highlights from
The Gospel According to Mark

1. John the Baptist 4.58
2. The Transfiguration 6.47
3. Jesus Foretells of Peter’s Denial 3.48
4. Peter Denies Jesus 8.03
5. The Question about the Messiah 5.11
6. No One Knows the Hour 4.34
7. The Abomination 2.57
8. The Resurrection 3.20
9. The Death of Jesus 5.20
10. The Coming 6.14
11. Gethsemane 4.47
12. The Ascension and Amen 2.52

Vancouver Contemporary Orchestra
Clyde Mitchell, conductor

Mixed and mastered by Vince Renaud at VR Sound (
Orchestra Contractor: Hal Beckett (
Produced by Christopher Tyler Nickel | Edited by Mikhelvin Chuahuico, Christopher Tyler Nickel & Vince Renaud
Print music is available from the Canadian Music Centre
Recorded: June–July 2019, Armoury Studios, Vancouver (
Engineer: Vince Renaud · Score Reader: Bruce Carabine
For Armoury Studios – Assistant Engineer: Spencer Bleasdale · Studio Assistant: Ricardo Germain · Manager: Paul Silveira


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