Sephardic Journey

Sephardic Journey


Jeannette Sorrell
Apollo’s Fire

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5th February 2016

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Cast out of Jerusalem, cast out of Spain. The Spanish Jews in their travels absorbed the colorful musical accents of Italy, Turkey and North Africa, including exotic percussion. Apollo’s Fire’s musical journey interweaves Sephardic folk song with the Monteverdi-like Hebrew choral work of Salamone Rossi – the Songs of Solomon. The daily rhythms of life – love, rejection, feasting and celebration – culminate in the mystical prayers of Shabbat.


O JERUSALEM!traditional Sephardic songs
1. Ir me kero, Madre, a Yerushalayim, arr. J. Sorrell [5:26]
Jeffrey Strauss, baritone; with Nell Snaidas & Karim Sulayman
2. Kuando el Rey Nimrod (Avram Avinu), arr. J. Sorrell [2:38]
Jeffrey Strauss, Karim Sulayman & Nell Snaidas, vocals

Traditional Sephardic liturgical chants, arr. J. Sorrell
3. Avinu MalkeinuJeffrey Strauss, baritone [3:23]
4. Lecha DodiJeffrey Strauss, baritone [3:04]
Salamone Rossi Hebreo (c. 1570-1650):
5. Sonata in Dialogo detta la Viena (instrumental) [2:25]
6. Al Naharot Bavel (By the Rivers of Babylon – Psalm 137), from The Songs of Solomon [2:40]
7. Yitgaddal v’yitkaddash (Kaddish), from The Songs of Solomon – arr. J. Sorrell [2:52]

LOVE & ROMANCE – Traditional Ladino Songs
8. Ah, el Novio no kere dinero (Ah, the bridegroom wants no money) - arr. J. Sorrell [2:09]
9. La Rosa enflorese (The Rose Blooms) [4:03]
Nell Snaidas, soprano; with Amanda Powell
10. Adio kerida (Farewell, My Beloved) – arr. J. Sorrell [6:03]
Karim Sulayman, tenor; with Nell Snaidas
11. La Komida la Manyana – (instrumental) Medieval Sephardic/Turkish [1:50]
12. A la una yo nací (At One I was Born) – arr. J. Sorrell [3:00]
Karim Sulayman, tenor; with Jeffrey Strauss & Nell Snaidas

13. Ki eshmera Shabbat (If I Guard the Sabbath) – Jeffrey Strauss, baritone [4:08]
- Words by Rabbi Avrahim Ebn Ezra, 12th c. Spain; Medieval Sephardic liturgical chant, arr. J. Sorrell/J. Strauss/R. Schiffer
14. Salamone Rossi Hebreo: Halleluyah Ashre ‘ish (Psalm 112) – from The Songs of Solomon [2:20]
15.Taksim (improvisation) – Brian Kay, oud [1:02]
16. Tzur mishelo akhalnu (sacred Hebrew poem for end of Sabbath meal) – arr. J. Sorrell [4:06]
Jeffrey Strauss, baritone; with Karim Sulayman

Salamone Rossi Hebreo:
17. Sonata sopra la Bergamasca (Sonatas, Bk. IV, no. 12) [1:57]
18. Sinfonia settimadecima & Galliarda detta la Zambalina (Sinfonie e Galliarde, Bk. II) [2:55]
19. Hazeremos una merenda | Kita’l tas – trad. Ladino feasting songs, arr. N. Snaidas [4:12]
Nell Snaidas & Karim Sulayman, vocals
20. La Komida la Manyana (The Morning Meal) – trad. Ladino song, arr. R. Schiffer, J. Sorrell, N. Snaidas [3:17]


Recorded February 19-21, 2015; St. Paul’s Church, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Recording Producer and Editor: Erica Brenner

Recording Engineer: Thomas Knab

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