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The St. Olaf Choir, with 75 mixed voices, is the pioneer a cappella choir in the United States. For more than three-quarters of a century, the choir has set a standard of choral excellence and remained at the forefront of choral artistry. Directed since 1990 by Anton Armstrong, the St. Olaf Choir continues to develop the tradition that originated with its founder, F. Melius Christiansen. In 1996, the choir marked the 125th anniversary of his birth.

Since its founding, the St. Olaf Choir has set a standard in the choral art, serving as a model for choirs of all levels. The annual tour brings the choir’s artistry and message to thousands across the nation and around the world, performing for capacity audiences in the major concert halls of Norway, France, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, New York City, Washington, D.C, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and the Twin Cities. In 2000, the choir’s annual concert tour retraced the historic tour of 1920 which introduced the ensemble to a national American audience.

The choir also continues to be a vital artistic force with both an exciting calendar of events and a growing library of recordings. The purpose of the St. Olaf Choir is to provide music of the highest quality which lifts people\’s hearts and spirits, incorporating a diversity of cultural voices and sounds into the chorus of the Christian faith.